About us

In this fast paced world, time is of the essence, quartz and satellite precision time. We specialize in the time of our ancestors, when the ticking of a clock was considered soothing. We strife to help you to preserve the clocks you inherited or collected and that are a reminder of time passed. We take the time to help you find that part you need to preserve your heirloom the first time around.

I am Henri I run this business. I am an expert on Dutch clocks.  I used to run Happy Furniture during that time my interest was sparked in the sale of clocks and clock parts. It was then a side business. When I started this it turned out that with great personal service we helped a lot of people both professionals, as well as heirloom owners to the parts they needed to keep the Dutch clocks alive and ticking! The business grew and resulted in our own web shop next to the offerings we do on eBay as antiquedutchclockparts.

Antique Dutch clock parts is a privately owned family business. We have years of experience in selling clock parts and clocks, more specific Dutch clocks and its history. I will gladly help out to locate that one specific part you need for your clock, we have it or we will start a search for it. We have only satisfied customers, at least that is our aim.

Clock set-up.

If you need help setting your clock up, we have created a page with helpful tips. Click here to visit the page.