Clock set-up.

Clock Set-up Directions


    1. Hang the pendulum on the clockwork as on design no. I has been indicated.

    1. Remove the cord with which the chains are connected (under the case). Check if the chains are on the sprocket.
    2. Hang the clock perpendicularly (level). Only in this way the clock will perform correctly.
    3. Put the weights on the hooks.
    4. Put the hands at the correct hour. Attention: be sure to allow the clock to sound the half and full hours in setting the time. NEVER move the hands anti clockwise!!!
    5. When The pendulum is attached and you gently have given it a swing it can be necessary that you’ll make some corrections. If the clock does not have a regular tic-tac, it does not go well. You can correct this by moving the crank-arm and echapment-arm carefully with regard of each other. When the clock goes on regular if you lift the clock something to the right (left) then put the crank-arm something to the left (right). and please listen again to the tic-tac. Please repeat this procedure until you hear a regular tic-tac-tic-tac. No. III.

    1. Should the clock run fast, lower the pendulum with the aid of the screw (design II). If in the case it runs slow, the process should be reversed (design II). Do not turn the screw too much at once, large time differences occur.


Adjusting of the moon disk with clocks.


  1. The figures in the moon disk from 5 till 29 1/2 represent the number of moon days. The moon disk is automatically moved by the clockwork and indicates the phases of the moon.
  2. The moon disk can be adjusted by pushing it with the finger slightly to the right. Each tooth that the disk shifts is a so-called “moon day”.
  3. The number 29 1/2 is new moon and 15 full moon. There in between lies the first and last quarter. Put the number 29 1/2 in the middle of the half circle being new moon. One counts the number of days from new moon till the day on which one starts the clockwork on the calendar and shifts then the moon disk with the finger one tooth for each day.
  4. It might happen that the moon does not shift and seems to be stuck. On that moment the small pin of the transmission-wheel grips into the tooth of the disk. If this does happen just turn the hands of the clock a few hours ahead until the moon disk shifts and comes free again.
  5. And please keep in mind that calendar days are not equal to “moon days”.