Clock repair

We are specialized in the repair of antique or vintage Dutch clocks, our clock repair person has a year-long experience in repairing clocks, and is even capable to craft new parts. It requires of course that you send your clock work to the Netherlands. If you need help removing it from the case, we gladly assist you.

We can also repair your electric clocks, like Brillie, Bulle and ATO, we are equipped to magnetize your efflux magnet. The standing rate for that is 45 euro which includes shipping the magnet back to you.

We can discuss upfront the problem with your clock and get an estimate from us what we think it will take financially on our end. A definitive pricing if it deviates considerably from our estimate will be given upon receipt.

Give us a try! It may look strange to send it to the Netherlands but the expertise and the parts are here and can work in your benefit.

Do we only repair Dutch clocks, no we repair all clocks, even electrical, that need TLC! Just ask what we can do for you.

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We respond within 24 hours to your inquiry, shouldn't you receive a respond from us in that time frame, please look in your spam folder. You can also contact us directly by email or through whatsapp. Details are given with our address on the right side of the page. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you really have all antique clock parts available?

No not all parts are readily available, but we have a lot of undocumented not sorted stock, and we have a pretty clear view on what we have. We also have a lot of clocks in storage we still have to convert to parts. So it doesn’t hurt to ask us if we have the part you are looking for, we might have it or we will do our best to locate it in our fast growing network of suppliers. Contact us today to find the clock part for you.

We offer only paypal as our payment solution, you have the protection of paypal if need be, but we offer the same industrial standards on returns and refunds. Therefore it is just as safe as ordering locally! Visit the shop today to see what we have in store.

Of course we will, you can find us on youtube with instruction video’s to do the most common installation jobs and if need be we make your own personal instruction video. As far as finding the right part, we encourage to send us pictures of the clockwork and the clock and the part you need in order for us to identify it for you. Please contact us to send us more info on the matter.

Please send us a picture of your clock and clockwork, we can be reached through facebook or whatsapp or by email and we guide you to what you need. You can also send the photos through our contact form here.

Please send us a picture of the markings on the back of your clockwork. If it has no markings we will still be able by experience to let you know what you need. You can contact us through facebook, whatsapp or by email. You can also send more details through our contact form here.