Antique Dutch clock parts is specialised in the repair and sale of parts for Dutch clocks, vintage and antique. That doesn’t mean we do not have parts for other clocks, on the contrary lots of parts for all kinds of clocks you will see if you browse the store. We also sell clocks and not clock related items. We strive to list and describe in our store all available parts for vintage and antique clocks. Our main focus is of course Dutch clocks. We are in the process of listing all the parts we have, but if you don’t see the specific part you need in our store or doubt what you see is actually what you need please use the contact form to let us know what you are looking for, pictures can be attached and are welcome!  We will gladly help you out with your part question to make sure you get the first time around exactly what you need.

We have parts available for;

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We also do clock repair read up on what we can do for you!

To make it easy all our prices are including shipping, the price you see is what you pay. If you are living in the EU and your country is part of the EU then we have to charge your countries sales tax.  Some countries we have to charge extra for shipping with registered mail, it is our experience that parcels otherwise do not arrive. If your country is on that list then upon checkout you will be charged with shipping if your cart total is below 36 Euro. Above that registered shipping is included. We can NOT include the duties and charges your countries customs impose on you, you have to pay that directly to your countries authorities. 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions, we are here to answer them at our earliest convenience.  FREE personal Service is our trade mark!

Thank you for considering antique Dutch clock parts, where personal service is considered the key to yours and our success!