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Rare Dutch folklore stoel clock. Exceptional model, style is called “ bakkers klok” clock from or for the bakker is that freely translated. Made in the Provence of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands. Long clock building tradition in Friesland. They don’t come any nicer then this. Case has Hindeloopen painting. Typical Dutch folklore is the painting style they do in the city of Hindeloopen also in the North of the Netherlands, its an ancient tradition, and lots of daily household objects where decorated in the Hindeloopen style with red and green being the base colours.

This clock features are:

  • Wooden case decorated with floral Hindeloopen painting, On the front a colourful painted ornament which represents; faith hope and charity. A small painting on the tail. Cherubs on the side ornaments. Top ornaments are slightly different then pictured.
  • Approx. 1970s old.
  • On the front ornament there is a Dutch line that says “Nu elck sijn sin” which means to each his wish.
  • Hand painted dial with a oriental landscape, painting in the tail is the Biblical Solomon’s judgement
  • The pendulum is a sun with a face in it.
  • Small windows on the sides of the clock.
  • Chimes on a bell one time for the half hour and a full set of strikes for the full hour.
  • It hangs approx. 27 2/4″ or 70 cm tall and 12″ or 31 cm wide and 7″ or 18 cm deep.
  • In excellent condition, minor signs of use as to be expected. There are some chips of paint missing. Side ornaments will be removed for safe shipping as will be the top, some minor rebuilding has to be done.

Keeps perfect time. Sold as is! We will gladly assist you in setting up the clock in your home.

An other fine example of Dutch clock building tradition. Clocks from Dutch origin are famous all over the world. Don’t let this opportunity go by to own a beautiful clock from Holland straight from Holland!




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